Firearms and Freedoms.

Arming Citizens With The Truth On Guns, Safety, And Freedom In America.

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“The Year’s Most Important Documentary For Patriotic Americans.” - Jeff Hays

31 Experts Reveal How To Protect Your Safety And Freedom.

Meet The Navy Seals, law enforcement officers, entrepreneurs, activists, rappers, mothers, fathers, safety advocates, mental health supporters, African American community champions, Women’s safety advocates, writers, comedians …

… And the heroes who escaped death at the hands of violent criminals and saved innocent lives in the process.

We’re almost certain to get banned, blacklisted, or punished in some way for pushing back on the agreed ‘guns are bad and so is freedom’ narrative.

Join us, arm yourself with the facts, and spread the word before this series gets taken down.

JP Sears

freedom-loving comedian, author, and YouTuber

Tucker Max

Fearless freedom advocate, author, and reformed party animal

Kendra Geronimo

Sex trafficking survivor and women’s safety advocate.

Jeff Gonzales

Former US Navy Seal, modern warfare professional, and founder of Trident Concepts

Mychael Waller

Gun advocate, concealed carrier, and CEO of MJ’s Firearms

Kari Grayson

NRA and USCCA firearms instructor and leader of the Well-Armed Woman shooting chapter

Jacob Paulsen

Founder and President of

Kevin Dixie

Firearms trainer and founder of anti-violence program ‘Aiming For The Truth’.

Maj Toure

American libertarian, political activist and rapper.

Tim Schmidt

Founder of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association

Mike Sodini

Mental health advocate, and founder of Walk The Talk America.

Kevin Michalowski

Executive editor of Concealed Carry Magazine.

…Plus 17 more experts sharing the stories, the facts, and the insights to protect your second amendment rights, your family, and your community.

For Too Long, Freedom-Loving Americans Have Been Silenced, Shouted Down, Or Ignored.

We made this exclusive new documentary series to give you back your voice.

Big government, the mainstream and social media are marching in lock-step to push the anti-gun agenda.

But history shows us what happens when a hostile government has all the guns…

  • The Khmer Rouge (Cambodia’s ruling communist party) banned guns in 1956, and went on to murder 25% of the Cambodian population.

  • The first thing the communists in Russia did was to ban guns … and 61 million Russians patriots paid with their lives.

  • (Spot the tragic pattern)... The first thing the communists in China did was ban guns too… 65 million deaths were the result.

Condemned By Their Own Voices…

  • “Banning guns is an idea whose time has come.” Joe Biden, 1993

  • “We have to have a buyback program, and I support a mandatory gun buyback program.” Vice President Kamala Harris

  • “Ban assault weapons now. Ban them now!” (President Biden, State of the Union Address, 2023)

It’s WAY past time to hear the other side of the story.

It’s Time To Discover The Truth About Staying Safe And Free In America.

Our expert lineup is fielding hundreds of questions a week from concerned citizens.

Home invasions, kidnappings, drug cartels pouring over the border, criminal assault, sex crimes, even the way their own government is acting has them on red alert.

They see:

  • A hostile president who seems to have contempt for anyone who loves freedom.

  • A totally insane, ‘1 in a quadrillion’ election result that seems absurd, to say the least.

  • …And a southern border being invaded by criminals ( as many as 12,028 known felons were stopped last year, but many more slipped through the cracks unseen).


If It Feels Like America Is Falling Further Apart By The Day, That’s Because It Is.

The time to prepare is NOW.

Do you know how to argue back against those who seek to undermine your freedom?

Do you understand how to survive a violent encounter with a hardened street thug on the lookout for easy prey?

Do you know where to go to surround yourself with second amendment loving patriots who will watch your back?

Here are just some of the many questions our experts will answer or discuss:

“How fast will our society collapse when things go sideways?”

“How do I survive an unexpected encounter with a violent career criminal?”

“What is the #1 thing criminals look for when targeting victims?”

“How can women get involved in the gun community and safely protect themselves?”

“What would an off-duty cop do to survive a life-threatening situation?” (hint: they don’t even think about calling 911 first)

“How can I see a crime BEFORE it happens and take evasive action?”

“How do I keep my children safe in a dangerous world?"

“Is the media right about automatic weapons?”

“How can we prevent tragic school shootings from ever happening again?”

“How do I spot the patterns of crime to avoid being a victim?”

“How do I protect my freedom, no matter how bad things get?”

“How do I find MY gun community so I can be guided, informed, and protected?"

Final Thought:

We’re almost certain to get banned, blacklisted, or punished in some way for pushing back on the agreed ‘guns are bad and so is freedom’ narrative.

Sign up, arm yourself with the facts, and spread the word before this series gets taken down.